Prato Carnico - piazzetta della fontana - 28/06/2023 - free entrance



The band presents an original interpretation of Friulian tradition together with new tracks. Braul is the name of a legendary demon of the Carnia region, typical of the Valcalda area, which has been forgotten over the years. For more than twenty years they have been one of the protagonists of a new interpretation and innovation of the music of the Friulian tradition. After releasing three albums, they are working on a new one, Barlums – Canti d’inchiostro, which will focus on the many stories that have contributed to the definition of the rich cultural identity of the Friulian region, a land at the margin but by no means marginal.

Musicfolk friulano
Date28/06/23 - 20:45
PlacePrato Carnico - piazzetta della fontana

Nicoletta Cattaruzza – accordion;
Sonia Altinier – violin;
Gabriella De Cesco – vocals, percussion;
Giacomo Traina – guitar, bouzouki, vocals;
Claudio Mazzer – percussion, flute, bouzouki, vocals;
Andrea Gaspardo – electric bass.