IRDORATH – Belarus

Vladimir and Nadezhda met as poor students, with the idea of ​​creating music without genre boundaries, with various influences, where the idea of ​​fantasy was the core. And their first instrumental nucleus were their two bagpipes.

The group has gradually expanded to the current line-up, which offers a show that, after abandoning the medievalist line, aims today at a very original personal style, closer to fantasy and folk-metal.

Vladimir – bagpipes, didgeridoos, vocal defonias;
Nadezhda – vocals, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, keyboards, flutes;
Anton – stringed instruments and percussion;
Varello – drums;
Pedro – stringed instruments;
Yulia – violin.


Folkest edizione 2019



    • Koper – Piazza Carpaccio, Friday 19 July, 9.30 pm, Free entry.