Jenny Sorrenti & Saint Just – Campania

Spilimbergo – Piazza Duomo, Sunday, July 9th, 9.15 p.m

Jenny Sorrenti, daughter of a welsh mother and a neapolitan father, forms the band Saint Just in 1972, with Tony Verde and Bobby Fix playing the Saxophone. In 1972 they release their debut album of th same name, kickstarting what was to be known as Napoli Power, a Neaples-born revolutionary music style that defied all the schemes and rules of the traditional song, a style of music with folk, rock, classical, medieval and jazz influences. In their first Saint Just record all of this was there. The drummer Tony Esposito and Jenny’s brother Alan were involved in the recording too. The band broke up after several records and Jenny began a long solo career releasing influetial records like Medieval Zone, Comé grande Enfemeridade. Burattina. Her prog rock comeback came with the Prog Explosion album, when she reunited with Saint Just after collaborating with Francesco di Giacomo and Marcello Vento.

Members: Jenny Sorrenti – vocals; Giuseppe Spinelli – electric guitar; Peppe Mazzillo – keyboards; Davide Ferrante – drums; Dario Spinelli – bass.