Mi Linda Dama – Italy

Udine Castello – serata finale Suonare@Folkest – Tuesday, July 4th, 9.15 p.m

Travelling through the wonderful musical tradition of the Sephardim that, after being chased out of the Iberian Peninsula during medieval times, brought their ancient tunes all the way through the Mediterranian Sea, intertwining their stories with melodies from Andalusia and the Balkans, adding in turkish sounds and arab rhythms. Sepharad is a show of dances, music and poetry; music that has its roots in a number of different lands, from Andalusia to the Middle East, in an emotional crescendo.

Members: Namritha Nori – vocals; Giulio Gavardi – guitar, turkish saz,arab oud, soprano saxophone; Niccolò Giuliani – darbuka, cajon, frame drum, effects; Silvia Cagnazzo – dances.