NOREIA – Slovenia

After a period dedicated to Irish and Breton music, Noreia began to create a unique mix between Celtic music and the traditions of their homeland.

A unique and original approach that was successful, allowing the group to take on a musical connotation of great personality in sound, based on a great variety of instruments.

Anej Ivanuša – flute, tin whistle, Galician bagpipe, vocals;
Ana Novak – violin, vocals;
Gašper Šinkovec – acoustic guitar, accordion, vocals;
Stanči Škarja – double bass, vocals;
Robert Bone – clarinet, piano, whistle.


Folkest edizione 2019



    • Toppo (Travesio) – Villa Toppo-Wassermann, Saturday 22 June, 9.15 pm, Free entry.
    • Sauris – Zahre – Hotel Neider, Sunday 23 June, 6.00 pm – Sports Center – Treinkhe – Sunday 23 June, ore 8.45 pm, Free entry.