Saodaj’ – La Reunion

Spilimbergo – Piazza Garibaldi – Saturday July 8th, 22.30

Saodaj’ were born and raised in La Reunion island, and are an iconic example of a young generation of musicians that give their own interpretation of Maloya, the typical musical genre of this french island in the middle of the indian ocean. Maloya is sung in creole, and is born out of the rythms brought by the malagasy and eastern african slaves, and is enriched clear voices and impetuous tertiary rythms, austal, african and european influences, Saudaj’ have a surprsing artistic maturity and acoustic sound, in line with their history but open to world music influences that cntribute to create danceable and trance-inducing melodies and rythms.

Members: Laurence Courounadin-Mouny – triangle, tarlon, voice diafonies, backing vocals; Frédérick Cipriano – Kayanm, n’tama, bobr’, doum, sati-pikèr, tarlon, backing vocals; Anthony Sery – sati-pikèr, didgeridoo, ravann’, backing vocals; Jonathan Itéma – vocals, roulèr, doum-doum, triangle, tarlon, backing vocals; Marie Lanfroy – backing vocals, morlon, bobr’.