VESEVUS – Solis String Quartet, Gianluca Brugnano, Giovanni Falzone – Campania

Spilimbergo – Piazza Garibaldi – Sunday July 9th, 10.15 p.m 

A repertoire that has been living and resonating in the shadow of the Volcano since the dawn of time, including villanelle (a form of song born in Naples in the early fifteen hundreds), madrigals and classic ballads from authors like Boccuccia de no pierseco apreturo by Velardiniella, Vurria ca fosse ciaola by Sbruffapappa, Sto core mio by Orlando di Lasso. All sensual perceptions play an important part and give a personal feeling to the oniric visions created. An extraordinary thing to percieve indeed. A show born from the wish to charm audiences and be a modern version of the minstrels the band is inspired by, keeping the original melodies but reworking the harmonies and introducing modern styles and rythms.

Members: Luca Aquino – trumpet and horn; Vincenzo Di Donna – violin; Luigi De Maio – violin; Gerardo Morrone – viola; Antonio Di Francia – cello; Gianluca Brugnano -drums.