VRUJA – Istria

Malnisio (Montereale Valcellina) – Ex Centrale Idroelettrica, Thursday 5th July, time 21.15

The group continues the tradition of Slovenian and Croatian Istrian music formations, such as Istranova . The name is of dialectal origin and means source, stream. The group represents a happy fusion of experienced musicians and younger musicians. Vruja offers songs and dances of all the ethnic components present in the peninsula, so that you can hear from the two-voiced singing typical of south-eastern Istria to the villagers , songs from the Romany communities of Dignano and Rovinj , the ballads in the northern Savoy where Slovenians live and finally songs and ballads in Istria . Interesting are the otiginali instruments that the group uses and features, such as the bajs (bassetto Istrian two-stringed), the mih (bagpipe Istrian), the grate (the table used by the washerwoman), in addition to known instruments such as the violin, the mandola, the clarinet, the accordion, the flute.
Training: Marino Kranjac – voice, violin, guitar, pive ,; Alenka Kranjac – voice, grate; Peter Kaligarič – accordion; Gabrijel Križman – voice, guitar, mandola, flutes; Gorast Radojević : Istrian basset, electric bass; Veronika Vižintin – cajon ; Niki Germovšek – violin.