Gli Archimedi – Zompitta


On Wednesday 4 July in Zompitta – Reana del Rojale, the Italian group Gli Archimedi is a chamber lineup with the utopia of improvisation, which moves through different genres and musical styles, from classical to folk through jazz, ancient music and others still generate. Andrea Bertino on violin, Luca Panicciari on cello and Giorgio Boffa on double bass.

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Place: Zompitta – Reana del Rojale, Area Festeggiamenti [How to get there]
In case of bad weather the concert will be held in via Vittorio Emanuele 7 – Reana del Rojale
Date: 04/07/2018
: Gli Archimedi
Country: Italy
Time: 21.15
Entrance: Free


The municipality overlooks the Carnic and Giulie Pre-Alps bordered by the Torre river to the east, and consists of eight inhabited nuclei: Reana, Qualso, Zompitta, Cortale, Vergnacco, Valle, Remugnano (municipal seat), Ribis, Rizzolo. The hamlet of Zompitta mentioned for the first time in documents in 1278. Its name probably derives from the Slavic čop (bush) and from the Friulian diminutive suffix -ite. Interesting monuments of the village are the Parish Church and the votive church of Sant’Agnese, which stands in a rural setting. Particularly noteworthy are the Rosta Ferracina, reinforcement of the bank of the Torre river dating back to the time of the Venetian domination, and the water intake of the Rogge of Udine and Palma. A visit to the stable meadows of Sant’Agnese for his botanical variety is recommended from a scenic and naturalistic point of view.