Parole Femmina – San Daniele del Friuli

In San Daniele del Friuli’s Library garden, on Wednesday at 9.15 pm, the Parole-Femmina performance with Nicoletta Oscuro and Matteo Sgobino is a “playful dialogue between words and music for brave women and kind men“. A story made up of many stories, a polyphony of female voices that resonate with grace and irony between the melodies of the popular repertoire and Italian songwriting. A genealogy made up of mothers, daughters, grandmothers, grandchildren, aunts and sisters united by doubts, desires, joys, longings, fragility, courageous decisions, sentimental delusions, stubborn choices and above all by an astonishing desire to live.

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Place: San Daniele del Friuli, gardens of Biblioteca [How to get there]
In case of bad weather the concert will be held in Guarneriana library
Date: 04/07/2018
Parole Femmina con Nicoletta Oscuro e Mattteo Sgobino
Country: Italy
Time: 9.15 PM
Entrance: Free



The center of San Daniele del Friuli was built upon the Colle Massimo hill that, near mount Ragogna, marks the western limit of the morainic anphitheatre the glaciers created during the Quaternary age. The city sits in a sweet landscape that stretches from delightful hills to lakes and rivers. The climate is warm all year round, and the land is fit for the ageing of the prosciutto (ham), this makes San Daniele a perfect destination for tourists. The San Michele Arcangelo (St. Michael’s) cathedral was designed by Domenico Rossi and built near the town square. The belltower , unfinished, was designed in 1531 by Giovanni da Udine. The ancient town hall is located to the right, with a porch that sits on la low arcade and a tri-mullioned window facing the square. The building is the seat of the town archive and the important Biblioteca Civica Guarneriana (Guarneriana Civic Library). The Madonna dell Fratta church is also worth a visit: it was built in 1350 in a gothic style and finished in 1469, when the stone facade was added.