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This band made the history of a genre, thanks to multi-awarded albums such as Curre curre guagliò, Cerco tiempo, Corto circuito and thousands of concerts. Formed in 1991 as a direct expression of the Self-managed Social Center Officina 99, in the following year they start a collaboration with the Almamegretta and the Bisca, with whom they will found the Bisca99Posse band. Their first album Curre curre guagliò (1993) is also the soundtrack of the film Sud, by the Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores. In 1994 they found their own record label Novenove which works in order to promote emerging underground artists. They will send 80,000 copies of the album Cerco tiempo (1996), a number they will soon double with the release of their subsequent album Corto circuito (1998). In 2000 they record La vida que vendrà, their last album based on unreleased material while in 2001 each of the members takes a different path until disbanding in 2005. They officially return to the stage in 2009, then pass through some line-up changes that have brought to the current group configuration.

Artist99 posse
Date01/07/23 - 21:00
PlaceSan Daniele del Friuli (UD)

‘O Zulù Luca Persico – vocals;
Marco Messina – sampler, Dub Master, JRM;
Massimo Jovine – bass guitar;
Sacha Ricci – keyboards.