Confessioni di un musicante – Silvio Trotta canta Branduardi

Confessioni di un musicante


In collaborazione con Palchi nei Parchi

Confessioni di un musicante is Silvio Trotta’s reimagined interpretation of Angelo Branduardi’s music. Trotta, a musician long interested in the works of the great Italian singer-songwriter, recognizes and shares the same deep passions: Italian folk music, Northern European sounds, and ancient music with a medieval flavor. Around this project, which was a finalist for the Premio Tenco in 2019, Trotta has gathered an ensemble of extraordinary musicians, each deserving of a separate introduction. The entire endeavor is driven by Trotta’s clear intentions, which are also evident in Branduardi’s music: a love for Italian folk music, Northern European sounds, sacred and secular ancient music, and the search and preservation of that intangible cultural heritage passed down around the world. In this musical dream, Trotta is accompanied by some of the finest instrumentalists in Italian folk.


ArtistConfessioni di un musicante - Silvio Trotta canta Branduardi
Concert19th July 2024 h 8.45 PM
LocationSan Quirino


Silvio Trotta: vocals, guitar;

Massimo Giuntini: uilleann pipes, bouzouki, Irish flutes;

Alessandro Bruni: guitar, mandolin;

Marna Fumarola: violin;

Andrea Nocentini: drums;

Maurizio Bozzi: bass;

Christian Di Fiore: accordion, zampogna.