Ashcroft, Stewart Hardy and Frank McLaughlin – Cassacco

Thursday 28 in Cassacco, Auditorium Luigi Garzoni (09.15 p.m) two scottish band will exhibit: the  Ashcroft, trained by Euan e Lewis McLaughlin, one of the most most interesting formations on the new Scottish music scene and the duo Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin affirmed internationally and that propose a music that sinks in the traditional expressions of Northumbria and Scotland: at Folkest present their new album “The Gift”.

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Place: Cassacco, Auditorium Luigi Garzoni [How to get there]
Date: 28/06/2018
: Ashcroft
Country: Scotland
Artist: Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin
Country: Scotland
Time: 09.15 PM
Entrance: Free



Both the geografic and orografic placement of Cassacco were decisive factors in the settling of ancient inhabitants. The roman Via Julia one of the most important liesons between the Adriatic and the central Danube area, was fairly close. The Cassacco Castel was was a fort, a key piece of the defensive system of the vale that was never besieged nor destroyed thoughout its history. Some of its main features are the two mighty towers connected by a lower building; the place is reached via a evocative hillside path that ends near the Chiesa dell’Assunta, outside of the castle walls. Villa Gallici Deciani is also worth mentioning, built inbetween the XVII and the XVIII century. It is a manor house, with a great staircase and balaustrade, guestrooms, a small tower and a chapel, a small colannade and some labourer’s cottages. After the 1976 earthquake productive and commercial enterprises were etablished, also through the re-purposing of industrial structures.