Folkest 2015

History of Folkest 



Last year Folkest offered a reflection on the renewed taste for the discovery of the new and of the different, which led us, beyond any fashion exoticism, to confront ourselves with the renewed passion for our roots, with the deep culture we inherited from the generations that have preceded us.

The 37th edition of Folkest has visited the whole region, almost for a month, in dialogue with Istria, bringing the best of the popular music of the five continents everywhere and reserving a big space to the regional music.

Playful and festive shows have alternated more reflective moments, entrusted to songwriters who draw inspiration from their roots and from the soloist art of rare and unusual instruments, in a succession of songs in different languages ​​which tell common stories, in particular stories of simple people that belong to everyone and are part of the people’s cultural pride.

A great artistic laboratory capable of attracting the attention of all Europe and proposing two specific moments of reflection.

The first is about the many cultures present in the Alpine Arch, in the various forms of music and popular culture.

The other on the quality of the most famous shows for the general public: starting from Neri Marcorè to Elliot Murphy, from Bella Ciao to Hevia, from New Trolls to Rudi Bučar, from Vincenzo Zitello to Eugenio Finardi, from Angelo Branduardi to Uriah Heep.

This is not a small thing!

ARTISTS Folkest 2015

Alberto Grollo & Five String Quartet, Italy                                                                                                    Angelo Branduardi e Ensamble Scintille di Musica, Italy
Armonauti Trio, Italy
Ascanti, Puglia
Baraban, Lombardy
Bella Ciao, Italy
Calatia, Campania
Calendra, Veneto
Five Men On The Cassa Del Morto, Italy
Celtic Pixie, Italy
Do ‘Storieski, Veneto
Domus De Janas, Italy
Duo Bottasso, Piedmont
Duo Half Board, Emilia Romagna
Echi Di Terre, Friuli
Elliott Murphy & Olivier Durand, USA / France
Eugenio Finardi, Lombardy
Flo’, Italy
Folkestra and Folkoro Bricherasio, Piedmont
Folk Fiction, Veneto
Francesco Allessandrini, Italy
Fricchetti DJ Set, Italy
Giuseppina Casarin and the choir Le Cicale, Italy
Goitse, Ireland                                                                                                                                               Harduo, Italia
Hevia, Asturias
Hubert Dohr & Edgar Unterkirschner, Carinthia
Jemm Music Project, South Tyrol
Kerkim, Puglia
La Mesquia, Piedmont
Loris Vescovo, Friuli
Mandolin’ Brothers, Italy
Manuel Savron and Rok Kleva, Istria
Maria Laura Ronzoni, Italy
Maurizio Geri Swingtet, Italy
Morrigan’s Wake, Italy                                                                                                                                        Neri Marcorè in Folk Express, Italia                                                                                                                   New Trolls, Italy
Rudi Bučar, Istria
Sergio Pennavaria, Liguria
To Loo Loose, Italy
Uriah Heep, England
Valeria Tron and Joglar, Piedmont
Vincenzo Zitello, Italy