Folkest in Spilimbergo – Friday 6 july


Final selection SUONARE@FOLKEST

Piazza Duomo – 9.00 PM

Alvise Nodale Friuli
Contrada Lorì Veneto
Random Quartet Piedmont
La Quadrillia Piedmont
Giuditta Scorcelletti Tuscany
Renanera Basilicata
introducing Rita Bragagnolo



21.00 Alvise Nodale – Friuli
 Young Carnic songwriter has recorded his first solo-album, Conte Flame , in 2015. Approaching the guitar as a self-taught, he fascinated by popular music coming in first contact with Lino Straulino and later with Giulio Venier. He also approaches to bouzouki and also collaborates with Massimo Silverio, with whom he composes four-handed songs. Recently, his second album has been released which contains more elaborate songs than the previous ones, written in Friulian and Italian.


21.00 Contrada Lorì – Veneto
It all started in 2012, when Roberto Rizzini, former author, songwriter, music therapist, gathered in his home, in the village of Avesa, some friends, passionate like him about food, wine and music, with the intention to do together a music that tastes the same as true Valpolicella: traditional, local, seasonal, without artifice. The project was called Contrada Lorì, because it was born in a small district on the banks of the Lorì, the torrent of Avesa, just outside Verona. They produced two records: Doman l’è festa del 2013 and Eviva il mar 2015.
Roberto Nicolino – double bass and voice;
Paolo Marocchio – mandolin and voice;
Massimo Florio – accordion and voice;
Federico De Vittor – keyboard, vibrandoneon and voice;
Francesco Scardoni – voice;
Andrea Trevisan – guitar and voice;
Ester Wegher – violin and voice


21.00 Random Quartet – Italy
The Random Quartet was born in 2006 within the G. Verdi Conservatory of Turin; after the final exam, they continue together a musical discourse even outside the academic environment. Little by little, the idea of ​​a string quartet detached from traditional canons takes shape, in which can coexist genres and tastes of music,that are very different from one anothert. Starting from these premises, develops a 360 degree musical experience, even if based on the solid foundations of the classical tradition. In 2007 the experiments began with arrangements of soundtracks, pop songs, and folk songs until the arrival to rock and metal music, to witness the great versatility of this training and YouTube.
Giovanni Bertoglio – first violin and coordination;
Lucia Pulzone – second violin;
Tancredi Celeste- viola;
Chiara Manueddu – violoncello.


21.00 La Quadrilla – Piedmont
Author music, where pressing rhythms alternate with psychedelic atmospheres, creating situations that lead to reflect, to scream their anger, in a world where Mafia, pollution and racism are the masters Not just songs of protest or complaint, but a real and its a cultural battle, seasoned with a hint of healthy irony. Accordion grafted on a solid rock base.
Nicola Lollino – voice and bellows;
Toni Urzì – harmonious guitar;
Gianni Pitzalis – pressing rhythms;
Amedeo Saluzzo – thick strings.


21.00 Giuditta Scorcelletti – Tuscany
During his university studies he became passionate about Tuscan folk songs and published his first album “Canti toscani” in 2004 , beginning his career as a street artist. Nel 2006 esce Antologia di Canti popolari toscani. In 2006 he published the Anthology of Tuscan Folk Songs. In 2009 with the Tuscan label Radicimusic and with the Pistoiese guitarist Alessandro Bongi, he co-produced the album Canta la cruia and in 2010 Coscine di pollo. In 2015 the Nightingale album , recorded and arranged by Alessandro Bongi and produced by Michael Hoppé, is nominated for the Grammy Awards in the Folk category. In October 2017 he arrives in the final at the “Andrea Parodi” Prize, where he won the best interpretation award.
Giuditta Scordelletti – voice and guitar;
Alessandro Bongi – acoustic and electric guitar;
Ettore Bonafè – vibraphone and percussion.


21.00 Renanera – Basilicata
Much appreciated throughout Basilicata, the Lucan group performed in a myriad of concerts in squares, clubs and major musical events throughout Italy. The show proposed by them incorporates elements of tradition re-proposing them in a world music key. The ethnic and electronic sounds mixed, the voices run between peasant lyric and tight rhythms: the stories, the culture and the soul of the South contained in a concert that is a mix of joy, suffering and the desire to be together to dance and sing. In their latest album they boast some prestigious collaborations, including with Vittorio De Scalzi.
Unaderosa – voice;
Antonio Deodati – keyboards, choirs and vocoder;
Alberto Oriolo – violin, choirs and tammorra;
Giuseppe Viggiano – acoustic guitar;
Pierpaolo Grezzi – percussion;
Eugenia Ucchino – dance.

introducing Rita Bragagnolo

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