Folkest in Spilimbergo – Saturday 7 july



Quadreria Tono Zancanaro
11.00 Andrea Marco Ricci (Note Legali) – Copyright, related rights and new realities

Torre Orientale

18.00 Adriana Schepis – Patty Smith – Voglio, ora
19.30 Enzo Gentile e Roberto Crema, Jimi Hendrix, the Italian Experience

Piazza Garibaldi
20.30 Capitano tutte a noi Italy
21.30 Ponk Czech Republic
22.50 La Mesquia Piemonte

Piazza Duomo
21.15 La Macina Marche, Italy
22.00 Tomat Band  Twenty for twenty Italy

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11.00 Andrea Marco Ricci (Note Legali)
Copyright, related rights and new realities
The meeting concerns the primary and secondary associated rights of performers in the field of music.
We will talk about the relationships with the phonographic producers, with the record companies, of self-production,
of collective management of the rights on the side of artists and producers and … of how we can earn with the recorded music



18.00 Adriana Schepis – Patty Smith – I want, now
presents Rita Bragagnolo

The life of Patti Smith is made up of constant resurrections, plot twists, acts of rebellion and unpredictable turns: a girl who wanders skinny and hungry for the New York in the ‘ 70, along the streets of Greenwich Village and in the rooms of the Chelsea Hotel ; which finds comfort in the spiritual mentor of Arthur Rimbaud, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, and earns the respect of Robert Mapplethorpe, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan. He began, performing on the stage of the smashed CBGB together with the Television and the Ramones, and eventually came to the world as a poet, singer and writer. Adriana Schepis was born in Trieste, loves to write in pencil, drink good coffee and walk, does not like a blunt pencils, coffee grains on wet hands or shoes with heels. She has been approaching to Zen for some time, but he continues to dodge. He holds a degree in Psychology, a doctorate in Communication Psychology and a Masters in Science Communication.



19.30 Enzo Gentile e Roberto Crema – Jimi Hendrix, the Italian Experience
Enzo Gentile e Roberto Crema – Hendrix’68 – The Italian Experience

The new book of Enzo Gentile and Roberto Crema dedicated to the first and only time in which Jimi Hendrix and his Experiences, formed by Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, come to Italy in May 1968 in Milan, Rome and Bologna. Unpublished photos, testimonies of lucky viewers, original articles and magazines, tickets and other memories: contributions that bring out the musical context of the time together with the political and social one of a fundamental season. The preface of the volume signed by Carlo Verdone.

Enzo Gentile (Milan, 1955), journalist and music historian, university professor, wrote for over a hundred newspapers and magazines. He published fifteen books, edited exhibitions, conducted radio and television programs, attended concerts and festivals all over the world. And keep doing it. Roberto Crema, hendrixian collector, is founder and editor of the blog dedicated to him and president of the association of the same name. Over the years he collaborated in the drafting of several books, dedicated to the artist and in 2014 he made the documentary Jimi Hendrix, Bologna May 26, 1968, introduced in preview at the Biografilm Festival.



20.30 Capitano tutte a noi – Italy
Capitano tute a noi – La musica è accoglienza (cooperativa Itaca)
Music and rights with an open reflection on social issues, for 17 years Itaca and Folkest social cooperative have been working side by side in order to raise awareness of the reception of people and respect for all individualities. Because safeguard of the right to citizenship is also synonymous with enhancing the autonomy of the person and enhancing all skills. To give more strength to own commitment, Itaca this year – and for the fifth consecutive year – will be present at Folkest with the project Capitano Tutti a noi, a musical group born in 2013 in Pordenone and currently made up of nine members. Characteristic of the project Captain all of us is his being constantly open to the entrance of other members, even just to share a musical experience of listening to the other, in which the group, as well as musical, becomes a family, a group of friends.. A place and laboratory, where the main elements are the strength of being a group and sharing a common passion, music, which becomes a sister, friend and is at home.

21.30 Ponk – Czeck Republic
The new folk experiences come from the Czech Republic. They mix and remix folk with pop and funk, the PONK is a Moravian trio, founded in 2013. Innovation and tradition with a main instrument, the cimbalom that its characteristic and bizarre sparkling sound. But not only. Contrabass, violin, guitar and effects and with extraordinarily beautiful and surprising vocal harmonies.
Michal Krystýnek – voice and violin;
Eduard Tomaštík – cimbal om and voice;
Jakub Nožička – double bass and voice.

22.50 La Mesquia – Piedmont

Two albulms to the credit, winners in 2015 of the “Suonare @ Folkest” competition, are among the most vivid realities of the scene of the valleys of Occitan culture of Piedmont. Between 2016 and 2017 they dedicated themselves to the composition of new songs and to the realization of some videos for a new record project, “l ‘ÀRBOL”, which will be premiered at Folkest. In the same period, in collaboration with the actor Luca Occelli they prepared the theatrical show titled “Trees, Donkeys, Men and Women”.
Remo Degiovanni – author, hurdy-gurdy, harmonica at the mouth and voice;
Luca Pellegrino – voice, accordion, flutes and bagpipes;
Manuel Ghibaudo – organ; Alessia Musso – Celtic harp;
Giorgio Marchisio – double bass;
Silvio Ceirano – percussion.



21.15 La Macina – Marche

A more than forty-year activity, the publication of sixteen LPs and the volume Cultura Popolare Marchigiana, certainly the most ‘broad and organic collection of songs and popular traditions that boast the Marche, make the Research Group and Popular Singing la Macina the authoritative spokesperson of the rich folk heritage of the Marche region. The group La Macina is a collective of ethnomusicological investigation that takes own accuracy both in the sense of research and in that of the revived. The sense of the group’s work lies in what they say by singing, for how they sing it, for extreme expressiveness, because they manage to draw lymph from the deepest roots of their land, making their own the modalities and rites of the peasant culture, which they disclose with exemplary respect and love. La Macina, among other things, managed to create, in 1988, the Centro Tradizioni Popolari, operating not only as a conservation structure, but above all as an agent for the promotion and study of music and traditions.
Gastone Pietrucci – voice;
Adriano Taborro – guitar, mandolin, voice, musical direction;
Marco Gigli – guitar, voice, percussions;
Roberto Picchio – accordion;
Michele Lelli – percussion;
Riccardo Andrenacci – drums;
Giorgio Cellinese – coordination.

22.00 Tomat Band – Twenty for twenty – Twenty years of Sting in twenty songs

A project born from an idea by Davide De Lucia, Andrea Del Favero, Flavio Paludetti and Cristian Cecchetto, dedicated to the figure of the British artist Gordon Matthew Sumner , better known to the general public as Sting . Not a simple selection of a series of songs, perhaps exclusively the most famous ones, for a cover concert, but an analysis and a rereading of a part of the many songs written by Sting in the light of some musical, technical, aesthetic and literary considerations . This continues with the collaboration between Folkest and the Music Association Tomat, re-proposing the Tomat Band, already back from the success of the concert held during Folkest 2017 in which he presented the remake of Carole King’s Tapestry album.
Francesca Viaro – voice;
Flavio Paludetti – guitars;
Nevio Zaninotto – soprano saxophone;
Cristian Cecchetto – drums;
Davide de Lucia – piano and keyboards;
Eugenio Dreas – double bass and electric bass;
Jacopo Russo – guitar

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