Humpty Duo – Mosaicantos – Artegna


Tuesday July 3, 9.15 pm in Artegna a double appointment in the name of Italian bands.

We start with the Humpty Duo where a double bass and an acoustic guitar meet and dialogue in a new and effective way, giving life to an unusual and modern jazz. Their very special acoustic groove (Luca dal Sacco on guitar and Matteo Mosolo on double bass) has already been noted in important events such as Umbria Jazz, Udin & Jazz, Jazzit Fest: their new album, Synchronicities, has just been released, in which they revisit the music of Sting.

The Mosaicantos, a recently formed trio with the Cancion Mujer show, is a special dedication to all women. The songs come from the Spanish-American, Andalusian, Iberian, Sephardic, Italian culture with some incursions of original themes.

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Place: Artegna, Collina di San Martino [how to get there]
In case of bad weather the concert will be held in Mons. Lavaroni Theater – piazza Marnico
Date: 03/07/2018
: Humpty Duo
Country: Italy
Artist: Mosaicantos
Country: Italy
Time: 21.15
Entrance: FREE

Placed on the left side of the vast Tagliamento vale, right between the southern slopes of mount Cuaman and the western slopes of mount Feeit, Artegna takes a “heart shaped figure”, as Baldissera wrote in the early ‘900. It’s origns are ancient: both substancial celtic settlements and roman trade hubs were found here. Near the town center, it is possible to visit the Parco delle Rose (Rose Park) with its extraordinary all-year blooming. Passion and histoy alike are fundamental parts of the enogastronomic tradition too, especially norcina, recgnizable for the remarkable and “timeless” taste of its products, celebrated in late November with the traditional Festa del Maiale (Pork Fair) that takes place all around town and involves the whole community.